Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Kick up the bum we all need.

Yesterday was an eventful day. What started as a planned trip to town for hubby to get test results from the Dr turned into a full half a day of Dr, Hospital, Dr, Hospital and a 2yr old with a broken arm. In all the drama of the broken arm we had hubby's appointment.

He went in a week ago to have just a general check up you know cholesterol, blood sugar, blood pressure, skin cancer check etc. He was told then that he needed to lose 10kg and his blood pressure was high.We had to wait until yesterday for the other results. He had also been taking his blood pressure 3x a day for a week.

The news wasn't great. Which we were expecting and why I went with him to the appointment. Basically we have 6 weeks to change his diet and bring down some of his stats. He also needs regular exercise in the the form of walking and running. And of course he needs to limit his alcohol. He isn't a huge drinker but enjoys a couple of beers a night. I mean really who doesn't??  All of this will help with losing the 10kg and becoming healthier in general. Hoping we can regulate it all with diet and exercise to save going on medication.

So I am chief cook, motivator, personal trainer, dietitian and butt kicker. I am more motivated to cook and eat healthier. As you know I had got a bit slack in this area in the past few months. I am looking into low cholesterol and low GI options. Still being able to cook some of our favourites but just in a different way. So glad that we are heading into summer with yummy salads and lighter meals.
This is sooo true. Hubby told me when I first started all this that once I reached his weight he would join me. That was 15kg ago. 

While I am not stoked about the situation with his health I am so happy that he decided to get it all checked out and that the Dr was very stern. I am really happy that we are on the same page. Last night for example he came home from work and went for his first run/walk. Then when he got home I headed out for mine. It is a shame that we can't go out together but I think that leaving 3 kids under 7 home alone while we go for a run is probably not such a good idea. Especially with the luck we are having.

If anyone has any tips, recipes or website they can recommend I would love to hear it.


  1. Hi Nikki, at least you all have a common goal to work towards now!
    A couple of ideas:
    1. Meat free Mondays, everyone is doing it these days, even Jamie Oliver! Lots of ideas out there, search for it (beans, cheese, brown rice - they all fill you up!)
    2. Friendly family competitiveness - get everyone involved, get a jar and write lots of family activities on there, tossing a frisbee, going for a family walk, a skip-a-thon, crazy dance off, tennis against a wall, backyard netball/football/hockey/badmington/yoga/volleyball/cricket…. the options are endless and it gets the kids moving and you and hubby using all these muscles you forgot about doing activities you forgot how fun were!
    3. Quit sugar, go to Sarah Wilsons I Quit Sugar website and get the whole family on the program, 8 weeks without sugar, see how you go (and how much weight you lose and remember how good food tastes unadulterated!) - or explore some other diet (maybe make one day a raw food day or a paleo day - yes I know, I would struggle to get my partner to eat raw food for a day - but really its just fruit for breakfast, a salad for lunch and dinner and you can be as strict or as lax with the rules as you want - you're just exploring ideas!)
    4. Weekly challenge between hubby and you – download a pedometer onto your smart phones and see who can do the most steps in a week – have some little reward system going (my partner and I did this, man the competitiveness! Certainly was good motivation to do that extra run whenever I could fit it in!)
    Have fun! Whatever you end up doing, don’t be too strict on yourselves – I know you’re working towards improved health, but don’t make a chore out of it for both of you, work towards it as a team and make it fun for you all!
    Goodluck! I look forward to hearing the updates.

  2. Good luck with it Nikki, your husband can see what good health and nutrition has done for you, what a role model you are for him. Once started he will feel incredible and you'll be a brand new couple :-)