Wednesday, 12 June 2013

What a difference 12 hours can make to your mindset.

What a difference a day makes. I have spent the last few days stewing over an incident which has kind of been brewing for a little while and finally hit it's peak over the weekend. I have had tears, sleepless hours at night, a few phone calls to annoy others with my problems etc etc. It is not a huge thing but just something that I couldn't seem to move past.

I had decided on Monday that I was just going to suck it up and move on without addressing it. 'Get Over It Nikki' is what I was telling myself. But then again last night I couldn't help but think about it and it was always in the back of my head. So this morning I spoke to another friend about about it and she was great. She put things in perspective and helped me come up with a solution.

All day I thought about it as I couldn't do anything about it until tonight. So tonight I addressed the problem, put across my point of view and it was really well received. We had a really good chat and I feel 100% better about things. Why didn't I do that on Monday???

Lesson learnt - you don't know how someone is going to react until you actually talk to them. And don't let something like this take over my whole life!!!

My weigh in this morning didn't help my mood much at all! I added 300grams which took me to 90kg exactly. I wasn't happy about my weight starting with a 9 again. I had plans to get out into the garden today but that went down the window and I pretty much did nothing except make some biscuits for the kids lunch boxes. I even ate 4 or 5 of them.

So dummy spit over moving on and I am into the garden tomorrow. I would normally be going to golf but Bugalugs has a cold so I better keep her home. I got some galvanized garden beds for my birthday to make into some veggie gardens. I am keen to get them up and running. Also 3/4 of our yard is bare except for some old mulch and weeds. So tomorrow I will get the weeds pulled out and garden beds in place. Might even take some before & after pics.

So here are this weeks stats
Weekly gain 300grams
Round 2 removal 1.9kg (not too happy with that)
Total removal 16.6kg
3.4kg to next bottle of Moet!!!

And more importantly mind set is back on track!!!!

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  1. Oh yes, don't problems just fester and become enormous when we have a head in the sand approach. Good for you and your mind-set and moving forward.