Sunday, 23 June 2013

Size 15 - Don't mind if I do!

I am home recovering from a great weekend in Perth for country week hockey. It was a great weekend which involved my favourite things hockey, Catching up with old friends, making new friends & of course socialising with a drink or 6 2. There is one major rule about country week and that rule is 'What happens at country week stays at country week'. So I can't go into too much detail about the weekend. But lets just say that you know it was a good weekend when you wake up on Sunday morning with pretty much no voice.

As I was getting ready to go on Thursday I was going through my clothes and had a reality check of exactly how much weight I have lost. I was wearing a long sleeve black top and was trying to find a t shirt to wear over the top. I tried on some tops I haven't worn for a few months and they were like tents!! They were huge!!!!

I had a spare few hours on Friday afternoon so my wonderful little brother took me shopping. He is a great shopping partner as he is very honest and will tell me if something looks great or not. I was very excited to go into shops I have not dared go in before. But the biggest excitement came when I went into Jeanswest to get some new jeans. the lovely sales lady helped me work out which jeans were the best cut and sent me into the change rooms with lots of options. I have never really bought jeans from anywhere other then Target or Kmart before so it was nice to have lots of different options.

So I went in and started trying them on. I put on a size 16 and I thought they fit great. I was doing a little WOOHOO in the change room. When I came out to show Rob and ask what he thought the sales lady pulled at them and told me she thought I should go down a size and "Did I mind trying on a size 15?" Seriously?? Is there anyone on the planet who would say no to going down a size???? So I tried the 15's and they were perfect!!! I will admit there is a bit of a muffin top happening but I am ok with that for now. And I am happy to say there were no thoughts of dodgy security guards laughing at me on security cameras.  They are the most comfortable jeans I have worn for ages and I am not pulling them up every 5 minutes.

I finished our little trip to the shops with 2 pairs of jeans, several tops and one dress. Some of the tops I probably could have bought a size smaller. I am still trying to get used to not having to buy XXL or XL. And I do keep forgetting that I am smaller on top then on bottom.

I was also very proud of my food choices on the weekend. I didn't eat between meals and I chose healthy options as much as I could. I had things like ham & salad sandwiches for lunch, grilled chicken & vegies for tea. The worst I had was pork belly. It is something I have always wanted to try and I loved it. I did cut out as much of the fat as I could.

All in all I had a fantastic weekend away, Huge thanks to my fantastic hubby who stayed home with the kids and even let me sleep in a little this morning. Back to reality and my first game of netball in about 12 months tonight. Hopefully my sore muscles hold up.

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  1. You go girl !!! And with jeans the best part is when the denim relaxes. That muffin top won't be there for long. How absolutely liberating it is to go clothes shopping now, sometimes it's hard to not think of ourselves as we used to be and I still go to grab the big flowy tops and have to catch myself. Good for you.