Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Change rooms and the mystery security guards!!

You know when you are losing weight and you start to get excited about finally shopping in the normal section. Maybe even trying on clothes from the next size down as the jeans you are wearing can be pulled on and off without being undone. Or you wear them without a belt and find yourself A. feeling like you crap your pants all day and B. pulling them up all day getting annoyed that you forgot to put on a belt.

Well this is were I am at at the moment. So while we were in Perth yesterday I told hubby I wanted to try on a pair of size 16 jeans. Just to see how far off I was from buying something the next size down. Target is my point of reference for clothes. As sizes vary so much from shop to shop I am working off this as my 'normal' sizing. I also needed new sports bras. The ones I have were baggy and not doing much when I was standing still so I would hate to think what it looked like when I was actually running! So in the interest of everyone who watches our hockey and the girls at training new bras were definitely in need.

As is always the way you can never find the size you need when you need it. I could find size 20, 18 & 14 jeans everywhere but no size 16's. More then once I found a 16 hanger only to find a pair of 8's hanging off it. And I definitely didn't need to try to try them on to know there was no way they were going to fit! Finally I found a pair and headed to the change rooms via the the bra section of course. I used to be a size 18DD so I took in a size 16D and 16C.

Only problem when you have to try on bras and jeans is that you can end up standing there almost naked. So it was bras first. Everytime I go into a dressing room I wonder if I am being watched. Surely there is someone watching somewhere to stop those naughty shop lifters. Anyway back to the bras. I tried on the 16D first and I got a true indication of just how much cleavage I have lost. There was plenty of room in there! So onto the 16C it fit perfectly. No idea when I was last a C cup!!!

I put my clothes back on and moved onto trying on the jeans. As I put my foot through the first leg they felt really tight at the ankle. I had a look at the tag and realised the were SKINNY JEANS!!! Seriously???? How did I not check that before I tried to squeeze into them. I think I just excited about finally finding a pair in the right size. Rather then get dressed and go out and change them I thought I would give it a go. As I was pulling them up the thought of security people watching flashed through my mind. I could see them sitting there laughing think "Come  on woman do you really think THAT is going to fit" and 'Tell her she's dreamin'". I almost started laughing when I looked in the mirror as I was trying to squeeze into the jeans. I could just see myself on Ellen in one of her dodgy segments.

But I triumphed! I got them on and got the zip done up!! I felt like poking my tongue out to my mystery security guards. There was a LOT of muffin top going on and I definitely would not wear them out in public. But I got them on and done up. I was so excited I took some pics. After the 3rd pic trying to get the right angle I realised that everyone would be able to hear my phone taking photo's in the change room and that probably wasn't a good thing.Especially when you have taken bras into the change room. So since I embarrassed myself enough taking the photo's I thought I might as well share them with you. I wouldn't wear them in public but I will share them with the cyberworld! Trust me it makes sense in my head.

size 16 BABY!!!

So onto this weeks weigh in results. I have made a re commitment to get back on track. No more letting my weekend undo all my hard work and spend Monday/ Tuesday playing catch up.

Weekly removal 700grams
round 2 removal 2.2kg
total removal 16.9kg
total to be removed before next bottle of Moet 3.1kg!!!!


  1. Oh terrific!! You go. That is absolutely fantastic. Oh I know about having jeans so loose they can be pulled off without unbuttoning/unzipping. My husband takes great delight in pulling my jeans down when I am up to my elbows in suds washing the dishes! He thinks it's hysterical. Hmmmmm.

    I have a bit of a phobia in change rooms that I'll be trying something on and trip over, falling against the wall and knocking the whole line of rooms over and end up mid-shop with my jeans around my ankles. It's not pretty!!

    You keep up the great work! Oh and don't mind the jeans being firm, when the denim relaxes they will be perfect.


  2. I totally understand Carol, My hubby was loving it the other day when I was picking up the dirty washing in the bathroom and he had great pleasure in telling me I looked like a plumber!
    My biggest fear with change rooms that have a curtain instead of a door. Always seems to be a gap somewhere!!