Monday, 10 June 2013

I LOVE birthdays especially MINE!

As anyone who knows me really well will tell you. I love birthdays. More specifically I love MY birthday. I always have and hope I always will. As I have got older and had kids I have started to love their birthdays almost as much. Love seeing their faces when they get their presents and blow out their candles. I love to make them feel special so that by the time they turn 33 they will still love their birthday as much as I do.

Usually having a birthday at the beginning of June means that hubby is still seeding and although my birthday is the same day every year, usually there is a card that has my present written in it & hubby works well into the night leaving me to celebrate with the kids. Well this year my birthday fell on a Sunday and about 2 weeks after seeding had finished. No excuses! And he did very well. He even went into Bras & Things and bought a voucher. (a much needed gift)

We went to lunch at a small pub in beautiful New Norcia about an hour away. We invited a few friends and some family. It was a great relaxing day. Hubby took on the kids duty for the day so I could just sit back and relax whilst enjoying a glass or 6 of bubbles.

Friends & Family

Enjoying my day with my beautiful kids

I had the best birthday I have had in years and I have to thank my wonderful hubby for making the day great and relaxing for me. I was very spoilt and I think everyone deserves at least one day a year that is their day. Not about you as a wife, mother, daughter or sister but just about YOU!

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  1. A belated happy birthday to you. You look fantastic by the way. I am a great fan of having a birthday week, not just a day! :-) I love them.

    It was a shock to the system marrying a man that was like eh, just another day. I've gradually turned him right around with that way of thinking. He can't help it with me in the house.

    As for you, birthdays spent relaxing and with friends and family, it couldn't get more perfect.