Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Half Way There

What a great week it has been in the 'Becoming Nikki' world! New attitude and perspective seems to be working. I have been trying to see the positives in things and not sweat the small stuff.

I even managed a 6km run last night. It took me 40 minutes but it was 40 minutes of non stop jogging. I was so excited and hyped up when I got home hubby was wondering if I really went for a  run or if I had gone off and done something else. Maybe I should go in the mornings from now on.

It's hard to believe that only a few months ago I would struggle to run a 600m lap of the oval.I also can't believe that I am actually enjoying running! Definitely not something I ever thought I would say. I haven't been running as much as I would like lately but a little bit every now and then along with hockey training seems to be working. Although that is changing.

It is only 3 months until my 21km half marathon run to raise money for the local golf & tennis clubs to buy a defibrillator. So I need to pull my finger out and get into some serious training. Last nights run was just on the farm down a track. I kept telling myself I would run to the next tree and it was the next fence post or corner. Then I realised that I had to turn around and ran all the way back home. I downloaded 101 running songs from itunes. It has some great songs on there but they aren't sung by the original artist. Some of the songs are great and you don't notice it's not the original. But others are like nails down a blackboard!!!

Onto my weigh in results.................... 1.8kg removed this week!!! Which brings my total loss to 18.4kg. Also I have just hit HALF WAY!!! WOOHOO!!!

I am off to country week hockey tomorrow afternoon. This means 2 games of hockey Friday & Saturday and one on Sunday. It also means a weekend away with adults and possibly a drink or 6. I am going to try not to over indulge this weekend. I really don't want to undo my hard work. I need to learn to enjoy weekends like this without going overboard.

So here are the stats
Weekly loss 1.8kg
Round 2 loss 3.7kg
Total loss 18.4kg
1.6kg till next bottle of Moet!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Hi nikki, just found your blog. Thanks for sharing your wonderful news - great work on making the half way point, and at the half way for round 2. That's quite fitting. Hope you can keep up the training and smash the half marathon! Good luck.

  2. Cracker job with the running. It's funny how it gets under your skin. I remember at the start I could barely make it round the backyard, now I'm running well over an hour non stop. Mind blowing for sure. You are acing the program, fantastic results with the weight loss too.