Monday, 2 June 2014

Week 4 Wrap up

Wow 4 weeks has gone by very fast!!!

Week 4 on 12WBT is when you re-measure & redo the fitness test to see what non scale related progress you have made.

Perhaps my biggest excitement this week was taking 11 seconds off my 1km time trial!!!! When I did it I thought I had only knocked 4 seconds off. But once I looked at it I realised I had knocked 11 seconds off. Very stoked with that!!! WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

So how did week 4 go was very much like week 3 in that I was unorganised and unprepared on the food front. I didn't follow the plan but I did use the recipes. I used the excuse that I worked most of the week but that's just an excuse as if anything that should have made me more organised. And to be honest when I work it is only a couple of hours a day. And that is no excuse for what I ate on the weekend!!!

 So here is the true confession of what I ate over the weekend.
Saturday - Breaky - Toast
                   Lunch - A couple of party pies, little red sausages & lollies (picking while the kids had party                                     food. Then we had Chicken pieces & salad. (chicken was coated in a yummy flavour)
                   Tea - KFC 2 pieces of original & some chips, A very yummy piece of chocolate caramel slice                              thingy

Sunday - Breaky - Toast
               Lunch - Squid rings (very yummy) & a couple of chips pinched off Lochie's plate & an onion ring
               Tea - Hot Chicken Roll & some chips at the footy followed by a caramel sundae from Maccas on                         the way home.

My only saving grace was that I didn't eat at all between meals. But with all those calories why would I need to????

My exercise goal for last week was to run a total of 20km. I just missed out as I did 17.3km. I was very proud of the way my exercise went last week. I made the effort to get out there when I really didn't want to and when hubby didn't want me to. I am really enjoying running again and finding it easier and easier.

I am making a good start to this week. As I type this I have pumpkin roasting in the oven ready to make Garlic Pumpkin Soup, I have chicken marinating in the fridge to make a few batches of Chicken Tikka Masala, I am making Cauliflower Soup &  Woolworths even had containers for half price yesterday so I can freeze it all in portion sizes so I can just whip it out and eat it when I need to. On those footy & hockey training nights.

So there is week 4 done & dusted!!! Weigh in tomorrow..............very nervous after my weekend blow out.

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