Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Farm v Town v City Running.

On Sunday afternoon I went for a run in the town where my parents live. It's a small county town and they just happen to live at the top of a pretty big hill. Anyway it was about 4:30pm on Sunday afternoon and whilst I have been running here before it was always earlier in the day so you come across the occasional runner or walker. I have to say I got some strange looks as people where coming home from the local footy game or out in their front lawns with their families.

Anyway it got me thinking about how different it is to run on the farm, in a country town & in the city. So here is how it compares.....

Farm Running
Well pretty boring as there is no one around except some sheep and the occasional Kangaroo. But you can wear what ever you like as no one sees you. You don't have to worry about being on the right side of the road. You don't have to cross the road. You do have to climb over the occasional gate and dodge the sheep pooh. It's quiet which is great!!! I don't have to drive to a park or running track. I can run around the sheds if I need to because the kids are home & hubby is at work. The air is fresh (except for the sheep pooh) and I love the freedom of living and running out here.

Town (my parents town) Running
There are footpaths most of the time. There is a massive hill at the end of the run. People................people who aren't running who look at you like you are an alien. People who are walking into the local shop trying to work out who this person is running and why don't they know you because they know everyone in this town. You have to cross lots of roads but luckily there isn't much traffic so mostly not a big issue. Running past people sitting on their front verandah drinking, eating nibbles & generally having a good time while I am a sweating, puffing mess. I do get to look at some beautiful gardens and houses.

City Running
Most of my city runs have been around the bridges and the beautiful Swan river. I have done a few runs around the streets near my sisters house. I love running around the river. There are a lot of other runners & walkers. You can run on the grass or the path. It's flat (other then going up to the bridges) and mostly smooth. I do put more effort into what I wear. The shirt that rides up exposing my muffin top is definitely a farm only top. I love when you make eye contact with another runner. I love being surrounded by other people doing the same thing. I do hate that there always seems to be that one old man walking along smoking and I always run past just as they breathe out a big cloud of smoke. (that never happens on the farm) It has taken a while I actually feel comfortable and confident running with other runners around. I even overtake people now which is something I never thought would happen. Although most of then are finishing their runs and I am at the start of mine. ;)

So which is my favourite........................

All of them! Any run is better then no run!!!

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