Monday, 30 June 2014

Bit of a catch up

Hey, it's been a while so I thought we should catch up. Put the kettle on, make yourself a cuppa grab a biscuit and I will fill you in on what has been happening. (it actually won't take that long my life is not that exciting)

So the last few weeks have been busy with the usual normal family 'stuff'. You know school, homework, 3yr old tantrums at the supermarket. All the usual Mum things. We get very busy in winter with sports. We have footy training Tuesday, hockey Wednesday & my hockey training Thursday night. Then hockey pretty much all day Saturday and footy Sunday morning.

I also organised and went to country week hockey. For those who don't know this is a competition in Perth were each association send teams to compete over 3 days. Usually all the girls from our area stay at a hotel together and it's a great weekend away. This year however was a little different and I stayed at my sisters house and had my 3yr old tag along for the ride. I was very fortunate to have a lovely family friend look after her on the Friday for the day and then my sister and brother shared the rest of the babysitting duties while I was playing 6 games of hockey over 3 days. It was a great weekend as always but I must say next time I will be staying with the girls!!

I have also been to visit a physio recently. I have been having pain in my lower back. Mostly when I stand for a long time and after hockey. I have been twice now as it is hard to make regular visits when you live 2.5hrs away. He has given me stretches to do everyday and I am definitely feeling the difference. Now I need to strengthen my non existent tummy muscles. Basically my muscles at the top of my back, butt & hamstrings were so tight that my lower back was doing all the work. Also my core is not strong enough. I HATE sit ups always have. But they might just have to become my new best friend. This getting older & healthier thing is not all it's cracked up to be!! ;)

12wbt.....................................................Well.........................I have not been the greatest with my nutrition. Sound familiar??? I think I say that every couple of weeks. There are 3 weeks to go so I am determined to make the most of it. Today is Tighten Up Tuesday which means sticking to the plan!!!!!

The exercise is going well. I am on day 9 of 30 for 30. This is 30 min of exercise for 30 days. So far so good. Sunday I didn't get out and exercise but I did a LOT of housework and sometimes that is more of a work out then any run or training session. It is great thought because it is making me find the time. Like yesterday for example I got home from a day trip to Perth at 4:45pm. Usually by the time I unpack the car I am ready to drop on the couch and not move. But yesterday I unpacked the essentials, got changed and headed out to run around the sheds.

We are off on holidays on Friday and I can't wait!!!!! We are heading north to camp on the beach with great friends. We will be 'bush' camping which means no toilets, camp showers & generator power. It also means fresh air, beach, freedom, fishing, fun & camp fires. I went to Perth yesterday to shop for the trip and we will stop on the way up to buy fresh fruit & veggies. I am determined to keep up my healthy eating and fitness while on holidays. Nothing like a bit of beach running. Might even try and come up with some games to get the kids involved.

So that's about it really............I am looking forward to heading to some warmer weather for a week and spending some family time together.

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