Sunday, 4 May 2014

Round 1 kicks off & here are the starting stats.

Here we go again............Day 1 of 12WBT.

So here are the starting stats. They are a little scary and I am a bit embarrassed but here goes

Weight: 90.1kg
I have gained about 6kg I was hovering around the 84kg mark for quite a while but the kg have slowly crept back on.

Measurements in cm
Chest: 107
Waist: 109
Hips: 117
Arm: 33
Leg: 62

I will update my weight every week and do the measurements every 4 weeks.

Here are my fitness test results

1km time trial: 5min 29sec
Push Ups:  10
Wall Sit: 37Sec
Plank: 30sec
Sit & Reach: -15

I have been really good with my water intake and avoiding Diet Coke. I had said I would have one a week to start with. On my way home from hockey on Saturday I brought a 600ml bottle. I had 2 sips of it and that was it. Then at the pub on Saturday night I had a can. That was going to be my one for the week. But I still had the bottle in the car from the afternoon with 2 sips out of it. Then yesterday after an interrupted and stressful food shopping trip I bought another bottle for the 1hr drive home. Again I only had a few mouth fulls. I finished that bottle off last night. So I am getting there slowly. There is an almost full bottle sitting in the fridge looking at me and while I should just throw it out I want to challenge myself and see how long I can leave it in there without giving in.

I am off to make an interesting lunch. It includes Zucchini and I am not a fan unless it is in a zucchini slice or something. So wish me luck!!!!!  Look out on Facebook for my weigh in results on Wednesday and next Monday I will do a wrap up of week one.

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  1. Woah girl, your 1km time trial is a cracking pace. Go you! I am wishing you the best of luck. Strength and determination are yours for the taking. Keep posting and keep accountable.