Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Quality Over Quantity

I used to always think that you HAD to exercise for an hour. It was always an hours walk. Half an hour was a waste of time and 45 min was OK but in my head it had to be an hour. This was also an excuse as if I didn't have a spare hour I wouldn't go.

Then I started running and have had it in my head for the last little while that anything under 5km wasn't worth it. Given that it takes me around half an hour to run 5km I had it in my head that I needed a spare half an hour to 45min. (time to shower afterwards)

I have realised just in the last week or so that this was also creating an excuse as to why I couldn't go for a run. Well yesterday I got home from work at 4:45pm and while I had tea to cook, kids homework to supervise, washing to bring in etc etc etc I put it all on the back burner. I walked in the house got changed told the kids I would be just outside running laps around the house.

3.5km & 20 min later I was done. Because the fairies weren't going to come and do all those jobs for me while I was running. I am really starting to think that fairies don't exist.

I had a bit of a light bulb moment. As tends to happen when I am running because it's about the only time of the day that is when I can think without someone climbing on me, talking to me, whinging at me etc etc etc.

As with everything in life from time with kids to food to clothes to appliances. Exercise is no different. 20 minutes of running is better then sitting on the couch all night feeling guilty for not getting out there. It's better then trying to squeeze in an hour when you don't have an hour and running around like a mad chook for an hour or so afterwards trying to do all those other things you need to do.

I will remember this next time I think I don't have time. And one of the best parts about running in the afternoon is that I usually have at least one of the kids join me on their bike. At the moment it's Miss Molly on her brand new bike. She will whizz past me with a big smile on her face and ask me how many more laps. Love seeing this healthy lifestyle rub off on the kids.
She loves a post run/ride selfie too! 

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  1. Brilliant! Just take the moments any time you can. Sure there will be crap days and crap runs, it doesn't have to be pretty, it just needs to be consistent right? Keep it up.