Monday, 27 January 2014

Not everything is a COMPETITION!!!!

As with most of my posts I get the ideas when I am running. This morning I was running and I was going along quite nicely until I thought that I was going quite nicely then all of a sudden I thought 'I can't do this'. For a change my body was saying 'Yes this is good' and my head was saying 'Are you kidding me'. I pushed through and managed to cross the first thing off my 'To Do List' I ran 5km without stopping!!!

But it made me think of the internal dialogue that goes on in my head. Then I started thinking about how it's a competition between your head and your body. Then it made me think about competition. Now don't get me wrong I love good HEALTHY competition I can get white line fever with the best of them. But I am not a hugely competitive person off the field.

My brother is very competitive. Growing up you couldn't just go and play a bit of basketball it always turned into a game of 21 with full rules. And it was never just a hit of cricket it was an Ashes series. My brother in law is much the same. I have been running with him a couple of times but he doesn't quite get that I am just running to run and enjoy some me time. I am not in a race, I am not trying to run it as fast as I can. Yes it's great when you get a PB but for me it's not the be all and end all. I know he has the right intentions but just needs to chill out and realise that not everyone wants to run their fastest time or push themselves or run at his pace. The main thing is that you are out there moving and enjoying it.

The other competition that I am really OVER is the competition between people who are losing weight. I have read a few quotes which say something along the lines of "The only person you are competing with is yourself". This is SO true. Everyone loses weight at different rates. For some people it seems 'easy' for others it is a real struggle. You really can't compare yourself to someone else. I have been envious when I see other people's before and after pictures and even more envious when I see the time frame they have done it in. It inspires me and gives me a kick up the bum when I go to reach for an extra piece of toast or that afternoon snack. I am not competing with these people. I am travelling along side them cheering them on looking for inspiration to keep going. If they can do it then I can too.

I have a few friends who have lost weight in the past year or so. I am so happy for all of them. They have all done it in their own ways and I know it hasn't been easy for any of them. They have all put in the time and effort it takes to lose weight. I have not felt like I was in competition with any of them. We all had our own goals and our own way of reaching them. I have been the most public about it but that is what has worked for me.

My theory with weight loss is 'Each to their own'. There is no easy way out and as long as you are doing it through healthy channels then that is all that matters. It's not a one size fits all kind of thing. And even more importantly IT IS NOT A COMPETITION!!!!!!!

See these are the weird and random thoughts I have when running. Funny how you start thinking of one thing and it leads into something completely different. I hope this hasn't been too all over the place or preachy. It is a post I have been wanting to write for a while but never really knew how to put it into words.


  1. It's your journey Nik. How you get to where 'you' want to be is up to you. You really are making others stop and think I can do that too. That in itself is pretty darn amazing.

  2. You are so true, our bodies are our bodies and we are such individuals and all react differently to food and activity. Otherwise we'd all look the same. And although it is a solitary (and at times lonely) journey, it is comforting to know others are going through it too. As for your 5km WAY TO GO. That's flipping fantastic. It's such a satisfying thing to cross a goal off and know you have slammed it. The internal dialogue though, it can send your head into a tail spin for sure.