Monday, 10 February 2014

Inspiration can be just down the road........

There are lots of people who inspire me in lots of different ways. But recently a good friend of mine has inspired me in a whole new way. Michelle is doing an amazing thing for no other reason then to help others. She has registered for the 'The Sunsuper Ride to Conquer Cancer' a 200km ride over 2 days in October. 

She is doing it because she wants to help and what better way then to raise money for research so they can find a cure for this horrible disease. She has her new bike and has started her training. She will be making her own sacrifices along the way.  Being is a mum of 3 amazing boys who also works on the family farm, training takes her time away from these two things that she loves. She is a fantastic hockey player and is (at this stage) giving up playing for the year incase she injures her knee and can't do the ride. But these are small compared to what those going through cancer and their families miss out on and give up. 

"As we know there are many people struggling with cancer today
and although I can offer help I just always feel like I can't do
enough. Until now. I'm not a scientist and can't find a cure on my
own, but I can and will be participating in an event called The
Sunsuper Ride to Conquer Cancer® benefiting the Harry Perkins
Institute of Medical Research, Western Australia’s premier adult
medical research institute. Through this event, I can help prevent
other families from having to struggle with this disease."
This is a quote from Michelle in an e mail she sent out to all her friend and family. 

On Sunday afternoon we returned from a quick day trip to Perth at 4:30pm and Michelle was riding her bike past our house. Given that our houses are almost 20km apart and it was 38degrees I was again inspired by her determination. So once the shopping was unpacked and it had cooled down a bit I went out for a run. I had a great run and ran further then I have for a long time. I am inspired to run again and to make it a part of my life. 

If ever I feel like I can't be bothered running I just need to think of what Michelle is doing and think about all those who would give anything to be able to be healthy and active. Or have their family members be out there running with them. It is such a great cause and I am so proud to call Michelle my friend and offer her all the support I can. 

If you would like to donate to her ride please follow the link below. Her aim is to raise $5000. I am sure she will raise this and much more.  

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