Sunday, 3 November 2013

Crunching the numbers

A new month, 7 weeks until Christmas & 8 weeks until 2014. 

What does all this mean????? Well for a start is means that I really need to get onto my Christmas shopping as all I have done so far is the kids big present from Father Christmas!!! I still have well over 20 gifts to buy not counting my kids and hubby. Every year I try and be more organised but every year at this time I am scrambling to get presents sorted. 

It also means 4 weeks until we can put the tree up and decorate the house. I LOVE Christmas and every that goes with it. We always put our tree up on the 1st December. This year we are buying a new tree and the kids are very excited. It also means that as Christmas is at my house this year I really need to get my S*#t together and get my house sorted. You know all those fun jobs like cleaning out the pantry, sorting the kitchen cupboards so that everything doesn't fall out when you open the door, all that extra cleaning (under the couches, dusting etc etc) and getting the yard sorted. 

I means time to set some goals and finish the year with a BANG! Go hard for 7 weeks and see how far I can get. If you remember back in January my goal was to be in a size 12 bottom and size 10 top by Christmas. Well..........this is still my aim however the time frame may have shifted. I will still try on my goal outfit on Christmas day. And if I can get the shorts done up and top on then I do believe that I will have won the bet with my brother. And he will be paying for my tattoo. (or a round of golf & night out in Perth if I chicken out of the tattoo)

So what are my goals for Christmas..........
I am currently at 83.9kg
My goals
Under 80kg by December 
75kg by Christmas. 
Which would mean I would have lost 31.6kg in 2013!!!!!!

8.9kg in 7 weeks. It's a big goal but this whole year has been about BIG goals. I know quite a few people have said that I couldn't do this so what better motivation can you get then proving them wrong!!!!

I have started NEW November which means each week I will try something new either a recipe, exercise or activity. I am looking forward to it as I have been in a bit of a rut lately. 

Onwards & Downwards!!!!!!!

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