Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Make changes not excuses.

There are lots of reasons excuses for why I can't exercise at the moment. The main one is that hubby is working long hours so I would have to get up super early I'm talking 5am. And as much as I am a morning person that is just crazy.

So yesterday I got up planning to do a workout DVD. But I really wanted to go outside. So I jumped on the treadmill on the verandah. After 15 minutes I realised that it really isn't for me. I don't know what it was but I was not enjoying it AT ALL. So I went and ran around the sheds. It's just over 200m. It was around 7am so I couldn't exactly leave the kids at home and go for a 5km run. As much as I wanted to. This way they could see me from the house and come and get me if need be. I ran and walked laps for about 25 minutes

Up around the shed then back around the tree. 

It got me thinking and planning. I came up with a bit of a circuit which I could do without going to far from the house. I did the exercises on the back lawn and ran the laps around the shed.
walk a lap
run a lap
15 squats
15 sit ups
15 running lunges & 15 jumping lunges (so each leg got 15)
10 burpees (almost KILLED me)
Plank 35sec

In the last round I changed the burpees for step ups. (15 each leg)

Here's how the morning went....... Got up at 6:30am and got the kids their breakfast. I made their lunches whilst they were eating and then I headed out to exercise. I told them what I was doing and where I would be. I asked them to get dressed while I was gone. Usually them getting dressed involves lots of 'MUM I can't find my skirt" "MUM I only have 1 sock" "Hurry up" "Turn off the TV and get dressed". OK so the last couple are usually me yelling but you get the idea.

I think this morning was the quickest and easiest morning we have had EVER!! OK maybe not ever but for a very long time. I had to take a couple of breaks to do up shoe laces and tie hair up. But they 'found' all their clothes, socks & shoes themselves. Lochie joined me for a running lap, then Molly joined me and they both joined me for the last lap.

The best part is that it was all done and dusted by 7:30 including the kids being ready for school. And I still got a great sweaty workout outside without leaving  the kids or getting up crazy early.

I had the best morning and proved to myself that I can fit in a great work out when the kids are around. I know that it won't always run that smoothly but we are off to a great start!!!!!

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