Friday, 20 February 2015

The next step................

As you know I have really been struggling for if I am honest the last 18 months. Whilst I have maintained my weight within about 5kg I am no where near where I want to be and I have realised that I need a bit of a helping hand. My goal is to lose 10kg by May and I am not going to reach that if I keep going the way I am going. I want to give myself all the tools I can to help me reach my goals. Different things work at different times. As you know I have done 12WBT a few times with various success. So it's time to try something different. 

On Thursday I had a spare hour to myself while I was in town so I went and grabbed a mag and headed to the local bakery for a cup of tea. (that's all I had 2 pots of tea no yummy snacks) When I went to get a mag there were the usual trashy mags that I would normally go for but I wasn't in the mood to read about who was having affairs and who was the skinniest celebrity who lives on juice and activated nuts. So I grabbed a weight watchers magazine. I haven't read one for years. 

As I was reading the stories and recipes I remembered back about 10yrs ago when they started up WW in our town. It was great although when it first started there were so many of us that it took 2 hrs to do sign up and weigh in! Over the years I have tried it on and off. But like everything else I never really fully committed. 

Yesterday I was on my lunch break at work and thought I would check out the WW website. They had a great sign up special for online coaching. So I bit the bullet and signed up. I am finding my biggest struggle at the moment in food so this seems like a good fit. So I have joined on line and downloaded the app. 

One thing I do find hard is that all their recipes have points values not calories per serve. So I have put a few into MyFitnessPal to work out the calories. It's not that I am a HUGE calorie counter but I like to use it as a rough guide and point of reference. 

I will weigh in on Mondays and I am committing to you all now that I will NOT weigh myself everyday. I will ONLY step on the scales on Monday mornings (after my morning wee of course). This will be more of a struggle then controlling my eating I think. 

I have signed up for 3 months. My goal is to lose 10kg in those 3 months. I know that I can do it as I have done it before. It will be hard but with hockey training starting soon I will have lots of motivation to get out there and exercise. I also have a friends wedding in May so that is HUGE motivation. I am thinking of buying a dress for the wedding in a size 14 as my inspiration. As of this morning I am 90kg. So my goal is to be 80kg which will put me comfortably a size 14. Which to be honest is more important to me then the number on the scales. I know it doesn't always sound like that. But my goal has always been more about size, shape & being fit & healthy then numbers on the scales. 

For now I am off to do some housework and get organised as we have tennis championships today. So an afternoon of tennis will be my fitness for today. Fingers crossed it's not too hot today. 

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