Friday, 13 February 2015

Support, Support, Support!!!!

I have written before about how awesome and supportive my wonderful hubby is but this is about support from outside the house. I have had amazing support from my friends and family over the last 2 yrs. 

I even have friends who send me sweaty selfies!  I have a friend who is getting married in May and we have both made a pact to lose 10kg by her wedding. She lives in NSW so all our support is done via text messages. She sends me photo's like this saying 'Your Turn'. 
(I did get her permission to post this pic)
Given that she lives in NSW she always beats me to it. But not this morning.........I finally beat her!! I sent her my sweaty selfie saying 'Tag your it!' We have been texting eachother our weights as we weigh in on Wednesdays. As well as pics of our meals and healthy food options. She has been an AMAZING support!!! 

I have other friends who send me photo's after their runs & call me names because I am making them get of the couch and go for a run. I had a friend send me a message this morning asking me how far I was going to run today. She said she was going to do 6km. My plan was 3km but I told her 4km. So now that we had both said it we had to do it. 

I set out to do 4km........Then thought I would run to the 3km turn around point. I thought I would do the 4 and then walk home. I go to 4km and knew it was about 500m to a gateway so I thought I might aswell for 4.5km. I got to the gateway and figured I had come this far I might as well make it 5km. My first 5km run for the year. The last 100m was VERY hard!!! Actually the last 2km was a struggle but I got it done!!!

Sometimes your support may not come from the people you expect it to come from. Sometimes it comes from a friend you hadn't seen for 21yrs who lives on the other side of the country.  Sometimes it comes from your Champagne & Tequila buddy down the road. Sometimes it comes from a message in the morning asking how far your going to run. 

As long as you have support you can do anything!!!  

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