Wednesday, 4 February 2015


So here it is February and I am finally doing my first blog post for the year.

I have been very busy working and trying to get organised for the start of the school year with my baby starting kindy this year. I did not really cope with this very well and it may have involved a packet of chocolate biscuits to get me through.

I am enjoying work and am very lucky to have amazing friends who have helped me out with babysitting over the holidays. I think planning their care was harder then actually working. This is the joys of having parents (grandparents) who still work and family who live a long way away. You have the rely on your friends and I am so lucky to live in such a great community.

Working has been great as I have had to use my brain again. While I never thought I would work in a bank again and it is not my career of choice I must admit I am enjoying being out of the house. I will finish my training tomorrow which will mean that I will only be working as a casual. While that means an irregular income it also means I can spend more time with the kids and work when it fits in with the family.

As far as fitness, healthy eating & weight loss go subject..................

No really to be honest I have completely lost my running/ fitness mojo. I could blame the hot weather and full time work but they are just excuses. One good thing about working it that I don't get bored and am not snacking all day. On the other side people buy yummy treats at work and it is VERY hard to resist!!!

I bought an eating and fitness plan online which is called Bikini Body Guide. Now whilst my plan is to wear a bikini comfortably at sometime before I am 40 I didn't buy the plan thinking that I would be running around in one within 12 weeks! I do love that it is about strength and toning as well as a bit of cardio. The plan was/is to do that 3 days a week  -
Monday - Leg Day
Wednesday - Arms & Abs
Friday - Fullbody
Then Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday - Running/Riding

I really just need to get started!!!  I have done a few of the workouts and they really do work!! I do have muscles under there somewhere.

I am still looking into doing my cert III & IV in fitness but I am trying to be realistic about the time that would take and the time I have available. I am giving up some of my volunteering work this year. I have finally realised that I can't do it all and something has to give.

So anyway that it where I am at. What are everyone else's plans for 2015?? I haven't set out specific goals for the year just yet I just want to get cranking and get stuck into it. I have 3 weddings in the next 12 months and my goal is to be looking fabulous at all of them. Especially at my brothers wedding.

my new favourite hashtag #sweatingfortheweddings

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