Thursday, 13 February 2014

Is there such a thing as trying too hard???

I have had a fantastic week. I have been on track with my running even fitting in a run on Wednesday at lunch time. Wednesday is normally a no run day as I am at kids dancing all afternoon and not home until just before 8pm.

I have been on track with my nutrition. I haven't been snacking and I have been having smaller portions. I even avoided the hot dogs my kids had for tea on Wednesday night on the way home from dancing.I have 2 eggs on toast when I got home. I had very yummy chicken salad for lunch Tuesday & Wednesday using the left over chicken from our roast chicken on Monday night. I even avoiding eating any of the yummy chocolate loaf cake I made for the kids lunch boxes this week. I may have licked the icing off my fingers when I was cutting it up.

So when I stood on the scales yesterday morning as I do every morning and saw that I had gained 400grams since Monday I was not happy to say the least!!!! I was FRUSTRATED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel like it's one step forward two steps back. I was down all day but didn't pig out and stuck to healthy food. It just really took the wind out of my sails as I really thought I was doing great.

When hubby came home he asked what was wrong and I told him about what was happening with the scales. He said "I know you don't want to hear this but maybe you are trying too hard." I didn't snap at him I thought about what he said and maybe he is right. Maybe I am trying too hard. Maybe I need to take it one day at a time and focus each day rather then look at the week or month or year.

I am sure if I shift my focus the weight loss will come. At the moment I am trying to focus on my running. I need to bump up my training so that I can do the 10km fun run I have signed up for in April. My goal is to run the 10km without walking. We are in Perth this weekend so I am planning to do the bridges on Sunday morning. I want to run as much of it as I can and see how long it takes me. I am hoping to be able to run at least 7km before I need to walk but it will just depend on how late my Saturday night is.

So that is where I am at at the moment. If I had written this post yesterday it would have been a very different post. But my wonderful hubby put things into perspective. He also left me a wonderful little surprise this morning when he left for work at 5am.

Roses & Tea my 2 favourite things 

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  1. What would we do without our wonderful hubbies. Always there with the right words, or a kick in the pants, either/or. You sound like me, you have the perfectionist gene (although mine comes and goes). It is frustrating but then again our bodies are a mystery, so who knows. Just keep plugging at it.