Tuesday, 3 September 2013

It was a good idea at the time.

Do you ever have a great idea and then realise that perhaps you have bitten off more then you can chew????

I do this on a regular basis. As I have mentioned before I am organising a half marathon and 'fun' run for my local community to raise money to buy a defibrillator. The run is going from my house into town which is 21.1km. We are then having 2 other distances 11km & 2.5km. This way people of all fitness levels can be involved. We even have people riding bikes.

It was a great idea at the time but now it has come time to organise it all and make sure everything is covered. Everyone has a opinion of how things should go so it's a matter of taking a little bit of everything and putting it all together.

I am having a meeting tonight to get the details sorted. Sometimes you have to accept that you can't do everything yourself. I am not very good at this but I am slowly learning and getting better. I am just a bit of a control freak. But the first step is admitting you have a problem. Right???

Also this weekend we are playing in our hockey GRAND FINAL!!!! It is a very exciting for our club and our town. We haven't won an A grade premiership since 1982. So to say that this week is a big week is an understatement.

I did break my drinking ban last weekend. Which was not good.......not good at all!!! I only had one week to go but I got carried away. Which is soooo unlike me.

But the Moet is in the fridge for this weekend and I have a plan in place so I can survive the night and the next day without too much damage.

Weekly Weigh In Results
Weekly removal: 300grams
Total removed: 22.4kg
7.6kg till body scan.

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  1. You are amazing organizing that run. Having been to a number of fun runs now, I even suggested that to my husband that it could be a good thing for our town, he looked at me in horror (imagining what a headache it would be to organise) so my hat goes off to you!!

    As for biting off more than I can chew ... all the time! ha.