Wednesday, 19 November 2014

The Ups and Downs of the week that was.

I know it's only Thursday but I feel like it has been a busy week already and tomorrow is going to be another busy one.

I looked into getting my Certificate III and Certificate IV on Fitness which would enable me to do what I love and hopefully make a bit of extra $$$. I spoke to a great company that are VERY VERY  understanding of the fact that I live in the middle of nowhere. They are really flexible in their learning structure. I can do it by correspondence and go to Perth when I can fit it in to do practical assessments, I can call tutors whenever I need to, I can do it all at my own pace over a 12 months time frame. PERFECT?!?!?! Well it was until I asked how much this perfect plan would cost. Let's just say it aint cheap. But I was still thinking it was doable as long as I could raise the money myself. (not take it out of the family budget)

So remember I said I had applied for a job? Well..............I was hoping more then ever I would get it as I could use that money to fund my study. Cos let's face it who just has $6000 laying around. Yep that's right 6000 big ones. I got an e mail yesterday to say that I had been unsuccessful. To say I was disappointed was an understatement. I think I was more disappointed that I didn't get an interview. And I could see my dreams of studying and getting qualified going down the drain. :(

I have not had the greatest week food/weight wise either. I have had very little energy and seem to be eating us out of house and home. I went to group fitness on Tuesday and again today. I was so thankful for these girls as had it not been for the commitment we have all made I would not have gone. Especially today. All I wanted to do was sit on the couch, watch trashing TV & eat trashy food!!!!

BUT I had a fantastic morning. We decided to record our results for Push Ups, Sit Ups & Plank. We do each exercise for 1 minute. Except today for the plank we all kept going to see how long we could hold it for. We are going to do it again in 4 weeks so we can see how much we have progressed. I got a HUGE surprise. Here is what I did today

Push Ups
15 toes 6 knees
TOES!!! Did you see that???   15 PUSH UPS ON MY TOES!!!!!!!

Sit Ups

Yep 1 MINUTE 30 SECONDS!!!!!

It totally made my day and week. Love seeing these Non Scale Victories and it helps put things into perspective. It's a great incentive to keep on keeping on.

Also harvest is ALMOST over which means hubby will be home more. I really want to get out running again and I am planning to switch from evening runs to morning runs. Also get my puppy trained to run with me.

So thanks for listening to my ramblings again. I said I would blog more and I am going to keep that promise.

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