Sunday, 16 March 2014

Reality Check

So time for a reality check and update. Since I stopped posting my weekly weigh in results things have been pretty below average. Basically I have been yo-yoing between around 88kg and 90kg. When I last shared my weight it was 87.2kg.

This is around 5kg more then my lowest weight last year. I got down to around 84kg. As you can imagine I am noticing my clothes are tighter and not fitting as nicely. Did someone say Muffin Top!!

I know what the problem is.............FOOD!!! I love food and while my diet has improved and I am trying lots of different yummy foods I just can't seem to get my mind back into the place it was this time last year. I can't seem to stop snacking or be satisfied with what I put on my plate.

I am back exercising so that is helping but I need to STOP snacking!!! I have been doing a lot of baking lately for the kids lunch boxes and I have been pretty good at not eating wheat I am baking. I tend to put it straight into the freezer to avoid me eating it. I have been snacking on things like hard boiled eggs, leftover cold meat from roasts, BREAD, mountain bread covered in margarine & honey is one of my current favourites.

After dinner also seems to be my other down fall. We are eating earlier so that we can eat together as a family. Previously Mark and I would eat at about 7:30pm once the kids were in bed. Now we are eating at 6:30pm with the kids. It's great and I love it but I find that at about 8pm I feel hungry again. Actually not that's not really true I think it is more that I am bored.

That is part of my problem during the day too. If I am busy I don't snack but as soon as I stop I feel like I have to have something. And once I have one thing to eat I tend to have a bit more. Old habits are sneaking back in!!

So what now????????? Well I don't really know but I do know that I don't like the way my clothes are fitting and I am the only person who can change that. I also know that I have done it before so I can do it again.


  1. Nikki same here. I REFUSE to hit 90 though, I would chop off an arm first. I make deals with myself, I get to the time of going home from work, all is good, I go for a run after work and then reward myself. What's with that!!?? So take solace in that you are not alone. We both just need to turn this around and I think to do that is to talk sbout it and be accountable. Or if you find the answer make sure you share!!

    Carol /

  2. I love food too! Can so relate to this post