Sunday, 8 December 2013

Non Scale Victories

As much as the numbers on the scales need to come down it is nice to have some non scales victories too. I am noticing a few things lately as the weather is getting warmer and I am starting to wear different clothes.

I have never been a big fan of summer. I would much rather winter where I can cover myself in layers upon layers. I was never a huge dress or skirt fan as I would chafe! Every now and then I would think it would be ok and go to Perth for the day in a dress or skirt. I would always end up having to buy a pair of shorts or pants (normally before lunch time) because my thighs would be red raw. A few weeks ago I wore a dress to Perth for the day and NO chafing!! Woohoo!! Not saying it won't ever happen but it is nice to know that it's something that will now rarely happen instead of always happen.

Where the belt used to sit....Where it sits now!!!
I have to wear my wedding rings on my middle finger as they are too loose for my ring finger. I will get them sized once I have reached and maintained my goal weight. 
Being able to actually run & enjoy it. 

And of course almost feeling comfortable in bathers. I will spare you anymore bikini photo's But it is nice to actually want to go swimming with the kids!!! 

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  1. Ha! I am wearing my wedding rings on my middle finger too. I didn't think much about it until I was having lunch at work one day and one of my workmates asked me if everything was okay. Yes why do you ask, I asked in surprise. They must rose their eyebrows and pointed to their middle finger. Ha, they thought our marriage was In problems.

    Carol /